The Best Lip Color Tips From Beauty Professionals

The Best Lip Color Tips From Beauty Professionals

Lipsticks are certainly an integral part of every makeup routine. Your face might feel incomplete if you do not add a splash of color or shine to your lips. Makeup and beauty professionals share the best lip color tips with you here.

Read on to achieve the perfect pout.

1. Get ready for your lipstick
A good lip gloss just doesn’t do it sometimes. You should prep your lips first to ensure the lipstick stays on your lips. It is essential that your lips are healthy enough to receive the lipstick formula for you to show off a bold and glamorous lip color. For that to happen, your lips should be soft and supple and free from flaking and dryness.

2. Know your lip color
Stand in a place that receives natural sunlight and observe your face in a mirror. What is your complexion? Is it fair, light, medium, tan, or dark? Decide on what your skin color is first because this will help you decide on a lipstick color. Choose lipstick in a shade or two darker than that of your lips. For example, if you are fair or light-skinned, choose lipsticks in peach, pink, or coral shades. Similarly, if you have medium colored skin, rose and mauve will suit you. Oranges and red look excellent for tan-colored skin, and plum and wine look best on dark skin.

3. Understand your skin tone
To achieve neat and polished makeup it is essential to understand the best lipsticks. The basic step is to understand your skin tone. So, if you have fair skin, try nudes, corals, or bright reds. If you are light-skinned or have a pink undertone, stick to lipsticks in pink and orange shades. For a tanned or dark skin tone, try reds and coral shades of lipsticks.

4. Pick the right lipstick formula
Depending on whether you are wearing lipstick during the day or evening, for an official meeting or party, and whether you want a subdued look or want to draw attention to yourself, the formula of lipstick you choose will vary. Besides, how long you want to wear lipstick and whether you can constantly touch-up your makeup are other factors that will decide what lipstick formula you choose. For example, cream and glossy lipsticks are easy to wear, but they are easy to wear off, too. You might have to reapply these often. You need to prep your lips before wearing matte lipsticks.

Application tips

  1. Apply a lip liner in a similar shade to your lipstick as a base on your entire lip. When your lipstick starts to fade away, this color will show.
  2. To make sure your lipstick lasts without fading, apply the lipstick and blot it gently with a tissue. Then cover your lips with a little powder and reapply the lipstick. It will ensure the lipstick stays in place.
  3. If you apply the lipstick in the center of the lips and blend the color outwards, it will ensure the color does not smudge or bleed. But when your skin has wrinkles or fine lines, feathering and smudging of lipstick are common. To avoid it, especially when applying dark colored lipstick, use a concealer or clear lip liner after your makeup is complete.
  4. If you have thin lips, smudging the border of your lips after applying lipstick will give the appearance of fuller lips.
  5. Using the right tools to apply lipstick will ensure a neat pout. Rub on matte lipsticks directly from the stick, but use a brush for an even and smooth application when you choose cream lipstick.
  6. When you choose a lipstick, keep your entire makeup in mind. Keep in mind the color of your eye makeup and the dress you wear—everything matters. What is it you want to highlight with your makeup? If it is your eyes, then choose a subdued shade of lipstick. On the other hand, if it is your lips you want to draw attention to, then keep the rest of the makeup subtle.
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