Common Foods to Avoid While on Keto

Common Foods to Avoid While on Keto

The biggest challenge with a ketogenic diet is to stick to a high-fat diet while keeping the carbs extremely low. Some of the most important sources of food that you need to be avoiding include processed grains and sugars which are contained in foods like muffins and pizzas. However, these are not the only foods that you must avoid. Below is a list of the foods to avoid on the keto diet.

1. Croutons 
This is a common addition to a salad when you want to make it appetizing. Unfortunately, it certainly does not work that way when you are on a keto diet. Just two tablespoons of croutons can easily contain up to five grams of carbs, which is not allowed when you already have a restrictive diet.

2. Peas
This falls under the category of starchy vegetables and should be completely avoided when you follow the keto diet. However, you can introduce non-starchy veggies to your diet in the form of zucchini or broccoli.

3. Low-calorie packaged foods 
When you are on a keto diet, you must opt for fresh foods rather than packed and processed food items. This means that you have to cut down on flavored crackers and pretzels which are considered fat-free but rich in carbs. When you are looking for something ready to eat, you can always pick up toasted pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, or nuts.

4. Potato chips 
This is one of the most common snacks that have the highest serving of carbs. We tend to have a salty itch on our palette when you are on a keto-friendly diet. A pack of chips is difficult to resist. An alternative that you can try for this snack is seaweeds rolled up with a mixture of nuts and seeds. You can easily cook it in an oven to make it crispy.

5. Bananas 
The consumption of one banana can end up closing out on the overall consumption of carb allowed for a day. Therefore, when on a keto diet, it is better to stick to fruits like raspberries that give you fewer carbs while also making you feel fuller.

6. Honey baked meats 
While you may be picking up certain processed meats as part of your keto diet, you need to avoid the sugar topping in the form of honey glazes. This is because each small serving of honey can easily contain a high amount of sugar.

7. Margarine
There are a lot of margarine spreads that are considered to be made out of healthier oil products. However, it is best to avoid this ingredient in your foods because they may not be contributing to your health.

Before you kick start your keto diet, it is important to watch what you eat. As much as it means sticking to a healthy diet, many other healthy foods are not advised on a keto diet because they can disrupt the metabolism which may further impact your results.

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