Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Buying a Hot Tub

Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Buying a Hot Tub

Picking the right hot tub for the first time may be a major challenge. Just like buying the right hot tub gives you years of enjoyment and use, investing in the wrong one can be costly, disappointing, and frustrating.

There are many assumptions about hot tubs leading to mistakes in the selection and buying process. Avoiding these common mistakes will help you save money and avoid the disappointment.

1. Unclear purpose
The first question you have to ask yourself is why you are buying a hot tub. Do not buy one because everyone is buying it or on a whim. Decide if you want to use it to entertain friends and family or just for you to relax. By deciding on the purpose, you can narrow down the hot tub, which has the features you are looking for.

2. Not knowing the point of installation
This is another common mistake when buying a hot tub. You have to decide the place for installation before selecting the hot tub. You need to be clear if you want the hot tub to be kept inside, or installed outdoors near the deck or patio. Can you imagine a situation where you have bought a hot tub only to find that it will not fit in your backyard? Once you have figured out where it is going to be installed, measure the area. Check the measurements of the ones you like and also provide advantage for the attachments and extra fittings, covers, and any external structures, which come with the hot tub.

3. Choosing the right tub but the wrong jets
Selecting the wrong therapeutic jet structure is by far the biggest mistake that new hot tub buyers make. Many buyers focus on the number of jets within the hot tub instead of the size of the jet pumps. Improperly sized and wrongly positioned jet pumps will not provide the type of massage you want. If you do not invest in individually adjustable jets, you will not be able to get the massage you want, and instead, the same massage will be done in the direction of the jets, which are not adjustable. Adjustable jets are very important, considering that it needs to be adjusted to the individuals’ body size using the hot tub.

4. Underestimating the maintenance
Maintenance costs of all hot tubs are not equal. You need to pay attention to the filtration system, which will reduce the cost of maintenance and chemical required. A good filtrations system will keep your water crystal-clear and help to keep maintenance costs in check. Do not get overwhelmed by the chemicals that need to be added to sanitize and maintain the ph balance in the water. Once you understand the basics, maintaining the hot tub can be very simple.

5. Self installation
Hot tub installation is not an ideal gadget for a DIY or cutting-costs project, right after investing huge amounts in it. The costs include plumbing and electrical installations and sometimes require permission from planning authorities. The do-it-yourself installation also runs the risk of serious injury or damage to the tub and your home. It is always better to pay a professional to install the tub as it involves multiple skills and is a complex process.

Make sure you avoid these common mistakes when buying a hot tub so that you can enjoy the benefits of it.

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